Annual Mountain Bike Race Running 16 Year

The Annual Alien Run Mountain Bike Race is hosted in May

AZTEC TRAILS evolved as part of a mountain bike trail system that originally began with the “Alien Run @ Hart Canyon” a mountain bike trail that was developed by private citizens, Al & Deral Saiz along with two other brothers and various friends, all residents of Aztec. This trail was designed in response to the Friends of the Aztec Library’s call for a mountain bike rally as a possible fund-raiser during Aztec UFO 1999. These brothers responded to that call and designed the trail that circles the “alleged” crash site in Hart Canyon and is located on BLM Land. The “Alien Run” received coverage in the July 2000 issue of New Mexico Magazine, as well as the local paper, The Daily Times. The “Alien Run” became part of the Four Corners Cup Mountain Bike Series and the first competition race was run in March 2001. *AZTEC TRAILS development began in an effort to develop a system of mountain bike trails that would begin in Aztec and meander out to Hart Canyon in trails with different levels of ability from beginner to advanced.